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Here at Zest Cleaning, we have over ten years of experience, which allows our company to provide you with the very best professional window cleaning. Interested in clean windows for your office, home or property? Looking for efficient, fast, reliable and quality work? With the knowledge, expertise and professionalism we have accumulated over the years, we would be more than happy to help you. We work with police checked professionals, with the appropriate identification so that you know you are in safe and secure hands.

Our traditional methods and working ethos are met with modern concepts, such as our Water Fed Pole system, which means that you can have the sharpest and most intricate clean. We are always happy to help, our friendly team can guide you to making the best decisions for your home and business, including the frequency of our visits and what exactly needs to be cleaned.

Conservatory cleaning

Our professional window cleaning solutions are designed for all types of buildings which include conservatories. Every conservatory deserves to look shiny and new. We appreciate that grime and dirt gather in those difficult to reach places and so we clean and polish all areas of the glass and UPVC to ensure that it has a longer life and there are no lingering marks. If left unattended, algae and other dirt can leave the conservatory looking lacklustre. Time to call in a professional!

Commercial window cleaning Weybridge

There is no doubt that there is great importance in the way an office presents itself in front of its clients. Zest Cleaning, Weybridge, will ensure you leave the best impression for your workers and your clients. The windows of the building are one of the most significant things in its visibility and those that will determine what visitors will think of it. Keeping windows clean will make your building look more impressive, over time. So, we will be happy to be at your service! The way that a building looks from the outside determines a lot and you want to make a great first impression. It is almost impossible for a non-professional to clean as thoroughly as a professional company; therefore, to keep things clean and smart, we are on hand to ensure that your needs are met. For high-rise window cleaning work, our company’s experts use the most advanced equipment and team in the industry. In addition, we operate in accordance with the most stringent requirements in the industry with regard to performing height cleaning operations and we hold all the necessary approvals for this purpose. Throughout our years of activity in the window cleaning industry, we have developed a number of efficient methods, including our Pure Water cleaning equipment.

Water fed pole window cleaning

Our traditional standards meet modern equipment with the latest Pure Water window cleaning system. Here at Zest Clean, we like to ensure that customers are more than satisfied with the result and with this system, you will find that the pure water removes much more impurities than regular tap water; meaning you will get a nicer finish and you will be sure that the cleaning has been done to the highest standard. It allows us to get into nooks and crannies that may have been previously difficult and with Pure Water, we can attack the dirt without leaving marks, spots or smears.

Here are some other commercials sectors that we have previously worked with:

How much does our window cleaning service in Weybridge cost?

We offer a competitive pricing service, starting at only £15 and this may vary up to £25 for a three-bedroom semi-detached house. We have additional FREE services via text so that you can keep on top of your schedules. Depending on other factors such as the size and access of the building and the frequency of visits, pricing can vary but our friendly and professional team can give you all the information that you need for your next window clean.

Additional cleaning services

Our home window cleaning is our bread and butter. Our professional team works tirelessly to ensure that your home looks great all year round, come rain or shine. Poor weather conditions can leave windows looking dirty and even age them, which is why regular cleaning will give you the look that your home deserves. We also offer additional home services such as:

– Patio cleaning
– Pressure washing
– Driveway cleaning
– Gutter clearing
– Soffit and fascia cleaning
– Solar panel cleaning

Our team

Our friendly team is available to talk to you about your needs whenever you need them. We work to your schedule and as stated, we send only police checked staff to your property, to ensure your safety is paramount at all times. We have plenty of FAQs to browse through and excellent reviews. Stay on top of your curbside appeal and call Zest Cleaning, Weybridge today and see how we can assist you. It’s time to upgrade your curbside appeal and here at Zest Cleaning, we are more than happy to help!

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We provide a range of professional window cleaning and additional cleaning services across the South East and London.