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At Zest Clean in Cobham, we do not compromise on the quality of workmanship and more importantly, know how to adjust the treatment required in order to achieve perfect results to the customer’s satisfaction. We use the most advanced equipment and high-quality cleaning materials that are specifically adapted to the task of cleaning the windows, which keep the glass clean for a long time.

Our expert team has over ten years of experience, working to traditional values and morals. Each of our workers is police-checked and will be wearing the identification so that you can feel safe and secure. 

Cobham window cleaning prices

Our competitive pricing begins at just £15 and ranges up to approximately £25, depending on the size of the house and windows.

Specific prices will vary depending on other factors, such as the frequency in which you want your windows cleaned and the style of windows you have. We are transparent with our prices and offer the utmost respect and professionalism throughout our work with you.

Water fed pole window cleaning​

Our traditional standards meet modern equipment with the latest Pure Water window cleaning system. Here at Zest Clean, this innovative system sees Pure Water remove significantly more impurities than regular tap water; meaning you will get a better finish to the highest of standards. It allows us to get into nooks and crannies that may have been previously difficult, allowing us to attack the dirt without leaving marks, spots or smears.

Additional cleaning services in Cobham

At Zest Clean, home window cleaning is our bread and butter. Our professional team works tirelessly to ensure that your home looks great all year round, whatever the weather. Poor conditions thanks to the unpredictable British weather can leave windows looking dirty and even age them, which is why regular cleaning will give your home the look it deserves.

We offer additional home services such as:

– Patio cleaning
– Pressure washing
– Driveway cleaning
– Gutter clearing
– Soffit and fascia cleaning
– Solar panel cleaning

Our cleaning service is perfect for the following:

Conservatory window cleaning

Conservatories are a fantastic addition to any home but can be prone to gathering dirt and grime due to the vast expense of glass. You want to ensure that there are no smears or stains following its cleaning. Therefore, we offer a service that cleans and polishes glass and your UPVC frames to ensure no dirt is lingering. Our cleaning assists in breaking down stubborn stains from birds and even algae, so that your conservatory is sparkling once again.

Windows tend to accumulate dirt that originates from the inside and outside of the house, which is evident in faded glass that does not allow a good view of the view. Moreover, dirt often accumulates on ledges, in between window frames and guttering, which can be a hazard if left for a long time. It’s important to always have great looking windows that offer a clean aesthetic. Whether the frame is made of wood, aluminium or plastic so that no damage is caused and optimal results are achieved. Second, we use high-quality equipment to remove hard dirt from the glass, without causing scratches and you will find that our results are only ever squeaky clean and incredibly shiny! 

Commercial window cleaning Cobham

The first impression of any building is the aesthetic. To impress your clients and customers, you should invest in professional cleaning so that you can look at clean windows day in day out. We appreciate that weather causes windows to look bad, which is why we offer a frequent cleaning service to ensure that your building always looks good. No matter the size, we have the technology to meet requirements and with health and safety at the forefront of our minds, we carry out risk assessments to make sure that everything is meeting industry standards constantly. We have developed a convenient and orderly work method for us and our customers.

Our Cobham team

Our friendly team in Cobham is available to talk to you about your needs whenever best suits you. We work to your schedule and as stated, we send only police checked staff to your property, to ensure your safety is paramount at all times. We have plenty of FAQs to browse and excellent reviews to help you make a decision. Stay on top of your curbside appeal and call Zest Cleaning, Weybridge today and see how we can assist you.

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We provide a range of professional window cleaning and additional cleaning services across the South East and London.