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All you need to know about our window cleaning company

At Zest Clean, we are committed to providing a tailored window cleaning service, keeping your requirements and budget in mind. We offer both domestic and commercial window cleaning, and can also clean solar panels. We serve Addlestone and the surrounding areas.

Some frequently asked questions about our window cleaning services:

After we have cleaned your windows we will always leave a calling card stating the preferred method of payment. You can pay by cash, cheque or online bank transfer (not credit/debit cards I'm afraid).

Some of our customers prefer to set up a standing order on a monthly basis. If you use online banking, you can simply do this using our bank details below. Alternatively, you may wish to actively pay online after each clean - again, please use the bank details below. If you find an online bank transfer/standing order the easiest method of payment, please simply let us know so that we can adjust our calling cards.

Account name: Zest Clean
Sort code: 20-42-76
Account number: 53204405

Yes. You can request this at any time.

We will always message you the night before to remind you to leave us a point of entry in case you’re not going to be in – the last thing we want to do is turn up unannounced and give you a fright!

We will be sad to see you go! But we completely understand that sometimes life can get in the way and circumstances change. This will be free of charge, but we ask you to notify our team of your decision as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we can’t predict what the (English!) weather will be like on the day, so when we plan work, particularly at the customer’s request or chosen schedule, we do our best to honour those arrangements. This means that to keep on schedule and fit in with our regular clients, we will work rainy days unless it is unsafe to do so. From our experience, mild to moderate rain is completely fine to clean in, and should not impact the finished cleanliness of your windows. If it is necessary to push back because of the weather, we will communicate this to you on the day.

Zest Clean offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if for any reason you are not happy with the clean we have provided, we will happily come back free of charge to clean your windows again. If you can please let us know within 24 hours of the clean, we will fit you in again as a priority.

At Zest Clean, we recognise that life is unpredictable, and as such we have a free cancellation policy. Please give us as much notice as possible or liaise with a member of our team to make the necessary arrangements.

Residential Window Cleaning:

Several factors come into play which determine how quickly your windows get dirty. From our experience, a 6-weekly service guarantees the best results and keeps your windows looking their best.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

Businesses are slightly different to residential properties, with customers in and out of the doors and typically located in a location with a lot of footfall. Therefore, we recommend having your windows cleaned every 4 weeks.

The water used to clean your windows is ultra-purified so it measures 0.00ppm (parts per million), which means it does not contain any chemicals or minerals, this means that after your windows have been scrubbed and rinsed using this water, your windows can be left to dry naturally.

If you were to use any water containing even 20ppm, this would leave mineral deposits on the glass after drying, hence the spotting/streaking you may have experienced previously. The higher the reading, the more likely spotting and streaking will occur.

As long as all of your windows are shut and we have been provided with an access point, we are good to crack on.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible! At Zest Clean, we pride ourselves on providing the very best level of window cleaning. If we have not lived up to this reputation in any way, please let us know and we will return immediately to rectify the situation. We welcome all feedback, whether it's positive or negative. It is only through customer feedback that we can continue to improve our service to you.

Yes, we can. In fact, we would recommend our customers book an internal window clean at least every 6 months. It's surprising the difference it will make! Internal cleans nearly always take longer than external cleans so please give us a little bit of notice if you'd like this done. We can then organise our diary appropriately.

If we have your mobile number, we will message you the day before we are due to arrive. That way you can leave any gates unbolted or unlocked if you happen to be out. Alternatively, providing you're happy for us to do this, we can use our ladders to get around the back (our ladders separate into 2 sections allowing us to step over gates or fences without damaging them).

We will avoid using ladders unless it is absolutely necessary and completely safe to do so. We don’t do any direct cleaning from a ladder, however, we will use them to get on top of a flat roof extension to clean skylights or sky lanterns.

Of course! However, one-off window cleans will come with an additional charge as they tend to be more time-consuming and labour-intensive. We would always recommend opting for a regular window cleaning service. This is more price-friendly and consistently keeps the windows, sills and frames clean.

Yes, we also provide gutter clearance / cleaning, soffits and facia cleaning and Jet Washing of patios. For more information, check out our additional cleaning services page.

Certainly! All we require is 24h notice so we can allocate more time and fit you in on the day. If the price hasn’t been discussed before, we will send you a quote before our visit.

Several factors come into play which determine how quickly your gutters fill up. Any overhanging trees, wildlife or mossy roofs can all clog up your gutter. Our expert team will recommend a frequency of clean – this will typically be between once or twice a year.

Yes, we are able to fix most minor gutter repairs, but it will be dependant on the size of the job. 

When gutters have been full of debris for too long, they can expand in size. This means that water can now find a way through and cause that annoying drip you notice when it heavily rains. Having your gutters cleaned is always your first port of call. Our expert team will advise you of any findings on the day and recommend any next steps for your gutters.

We use a powerful vacuum hoover with carbon fibre poles and a modern camera feeding through to our monitor from the ground.

No. We would always recommend keeping your gutters completely clear. Gutter hedgehogs are impractical and they easily accumulate debris. Keeping your gutters cleared of any ‘protectors’ is best practice with an annual gutter clean.

We do require access to a power supply to power our gutter vacuum. If you do not have a working external power supply, we would require you to be in on the day of our visit.

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We provide a range of professional window cleaning and additional cleaning services across the South East and London.